Érika Buenfil Without Makeup Shows Why More Than One Envy

Érika Buenfil Without Makeup Shows Why More Than One Envy

One of the most beloved Mexican actresses in melodramas is Érika Buenfil, who at 56 still looks radiant.

The actress of great soap opera stories continues to triumph and conserve her loyal followers, who do not stop reminding her how beautiful she looks, Érika Buenfil without makeup shows why more than one envies her and attacks her on social networks.

Porte, finesse, elegance and beauty, are adjectives that go to the great melodrama star, Érika Buenfil appears without makeup and shows why more than one envy, she is charming even with a washed face, she is not afraid of criticism or teasing.

Érika Buenfil continues to sweep social networks, at 56 years old she is more active than her son in this on Instagram and of course, she is still the queen of Tik Tok, her publications sometimes leave a square eye, especially when it comes to selfies where it boasts its charm.

You can see: Érika Buenfil transforms her face and loses beauty, frightening!

Érika Buenfil without makeup shows why more than one envy her. Photo: Instagram.

To speak of Érika Buenfil is to discuss a successful career on television, in which she has left her mark with her characters in "True Loves", "I Give You Life" and many other stories in which her beauty and talent are make presents.

At 56, the actress continues to look like a diva, even with the ravages of the passing of the years, she continues with her forehead held high and showing off each wrinkle with pride, she is not afraid to show herself with a washed face, because "her that it is beautiful, it is beautiful ".

This was demonstrated on his Instagram account by sharing a selfie where he appears without a drop of makeup and with his hair gathered in a high bun, his sensational smile could not be missing and with a tender look he dazzled his followers.

Also, with this photo he kept many mouths, because he has never been short of those haters who throw everything at him telling him that his time to be on social networks is over and apart by dressing elegantly and even with swimsuits.

Months ago, on one of her trips to the beach, the actress was harshly criticized for daring to wear a swimsuit, she received all kinds of malicious comments because of her age, but she cared little about it and so with a washed face she makes it clear that she is still beautiful .

This is how Érika Buenfil puts an end to the criticism, she continues to be beautiful with everything and the years she is, transmits a good attitude and also encourages other women to dress and live life as they like best.