Galilea Montijo One Day Before Her Wedding She Found Out She Was Pregnant

Galilea Montijo One Day Before Her Wedding She Found Out She Was Pregnant

He was 39 years old when Galilea Montijo found out that he was waiting for Mateo, it was the surprise before the wedding that he secretly organized

Today at 47 years old, the titular host of the HOY program, Galilea Montijo , lives a full life next to her husband and son Mateo, who became the love of her life and arrived just at the moment that should pass.

Galilea Montijo’s love story with her husband Fernando Reina is very beautiful, they well say that when it is real there is no time to lose, just one day before her wedding she was surprised that she was pregnant.

Three months after starting their relationship, they were already talking about a wedding which was organized in a secret way, Galilea would celebrate his birthday and they decided to take the opportunity to get married, becoming a great ceremony.

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She had decided to have a big party on the occasion of her birthday in Acapulco, her now husband’s place of origin, telling her guests to be long and formal without imagining that they would be present on one of the happiest days of the driver.

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But the day before she would find out that she was pregnant, she was days late and they believed it was due to the stress of the organization, her partner suggested taking a test and the surprise came when she saw that it said positive.

So even though she got married pregnant, this was not the reason why she was already 39 years old, saying that "she ate the cake before recess" does not apply since she was old enough and it was the right moment to fulfill her wish. to be a mother.

That party of 250 people became twice the number of guests, she dressed in white since her friends also wanted to wear women’s clothes, she obtained the blessing of a priest and since 2011 she has a stable marriage.

Mateo, is the only son of Galilea Montijo who arrived in March 2012, he got so fat during the pregnancy that many told him that it would be a girl what he was going to have, she even already had his name and dreamed of it, but then she found out that it was child.

Now he is grateful that this child has come into his life, he manifests he is a loving son, who cares for her a lot and who has made a great relationship with his half-siblings since Fernando Reina already had two from a previous marriage and Gali treats them like his children too .