Honey And Garlic Against Viruses And Bacteria, Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Honey And Garlic Against Viruses And Bacteria, Lowers Bad Cholesterol

To make this ancestral mixture it is necessary that they be ingredients of excellent quality. Discover the benefits of honey and garlic

Garlic is one of the most used natural ingredients in the gastronomy of the world , but it is also anciently one of the best remedies for chronic diseases and infections. By mixing it with honey, one of the most effective remedies is formed to alleviate various diseases that we are going to inform you about.

In a Relationship he shares how you should mix this ingredient and how you should use it during the day depending on the disease you have. If you suffer from muscle aches in the head, or you get sick followed by a sore throat , honey with garlic helps you eliminate bacteria and viruses.

The mixture of honey with garlic helps improve blood circulation, it is an excellent anticoagulant. This is what helps people not suffer from thrombosis or varicose veins. We share the video where it is explained precisely how to do it and how to take it.

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Garlic and honey to raise the defenses. . . ��Improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. . �� Control bad cholesterol. ��Reduce inflammation and strengthens the immune system. . ��Eliminates coughing. . ��Reduce the symptoms of flu and colds. . ��Preparation: Take a few garlics, peel them, cut them into slices and pour them into a jar, add the honey and cover it. . ��Leave it in a cool place for a week and after this time, take a tablespoon daily on an empty stomach. . ��The point is that you do it for seven days in a row, rest for 15 days and go back to it. . #lotoflowerspa #ajoymiel #tipsdesalud #saludybienestar #subirtusdefensas # coronavírus #nosalgasdetucasa

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Regulates high pressure

Honey and garlic is a natural remedy to regulate blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, it helps control it, but naturally. It helps them feel much better as the days go by.

Helps lower bad cholesterol

Garlic being in honey releases allicin, this when consumed already crushed helps regulate cholesterol levels in the blood. It has been considered one of the best remedies for this condition.

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✳️Consuming garlic with honey provides multiple benefits. . . ��Helps improve blood circulation ��Helps control cholesterol ��Helps strengthen the immune system ��Helps speed up the recovery process when colds occur. . . . ✨ It is very easy to make this garlic and honey ferment. You only need a glass jar, 6 to 10 garlic (it also depends on the size of your jar) and preferably honey that is pure or raw honey. Cover the garlic with the honey and leave it in a place in your kitchen that is not directly exposed to the sun’s rays. ✨ You can consume a teaspoon on an empty stomach.

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Helps reduce inflammation, sometimes when you suffer from muscle aches certain areas of the body become inflamed, what this remedy does is reduce inflammation. And calm the pain. In fact, when children complain of a headache or have a severe cough, this remedy immediately calms their coughs.


In a container with honey you add chopped or whole garlic and let it rest one day, the next day you can take a tablespoon on an empty stomach.

It has a very peculiar taste, but it is an effective remedy for the whole family.