In Coquettish Red Jumpsuit Adamari López Is The Queen Of Summer

In Coquettish Red Jumpsuit Adamari López Is The Queen Of Summer

Jumpsuits are a hard trend this summer and Adamari López knows that very well, that’s why as an elegant 50-year-old woman she knew how to wear it in a charming way.

This hot season of the year is not over yet and the famous take advantage of it to get their best outfits out of the closet, that is why the Telemundo presenter was not far behind and modeled an ideal outfit in trend according to the time, this is the red jumpsuit with the one that Adamari López became the queen of the summer , looked bomb!

Comfortable, loose, light, vibrant colors, elegant, but not so formal, this is the red jumpsuit with which Adamari López became the queen of summer and reminded us that this garment is one of the best allies of women for this season in which high temperatures make it necessary to wear clothes made of fabrics that are lighter and that allow not to suffocate.

What else can you ask for this outfit that Adamari López wore and that has been a great truth to break it in summer? Without a doubt, she takes the award as one of the coolest artists in the middle of the summer season, In his closet he kept this exquisite jumpsuit with which he has left more than one drooling and with which he has shown his charms.

Adamari Lopez
The red jumpsuit with which Adamari López became the queen of summer. Photo: Instagram.

The successful Adamari López has dazzled with this garment jewel with which she makes it clear that women over 50 can use it without fear and will look spectacular, it is a fresh red jumpsuit very beach style ideal for the warmest season of the year, Well, although girls are often the ones who wear this outfit the most, mature girls can too.

Through her Instagram stories, Toni Costa’s ex uploaded a story in which she appears modeling a striking red jumpsuit with a white print, loose shorts, long baggy sleeves, V neckline and with a ribbon hanging in front, it was also fitted at the height of the waist with a slim drawstring perfect to frame the figure and highlight.

With this red jumpsuit, Adamari López captured all the attention in full focus when everyone wonders what will happen to his relationship with the Spanish dancer, if there is reconciliation or not, and what is behind that tight hug with his partner Nacho Lozano, with his Stunning looks make everyone turn their gaze to their wardrobes and their silhouette.

She added some white tennis shoes to her look, and there is nothing better to be comfortable than sports shoes that provide comfort, in addition to the fact that this style of clothing, such as monkeys, looks good with this type of footwear, breaking a bit with The formality, but without losing the bearing, thus showed her legs turned by exercise and tanned, her hair was loose and straight, sideways and very little makeup.

This photograph showing off her outfit was taken at the airport and with suitcase in hand, the destination? It is not known, his fans think that it was taken on the vacation he took a couple of days ago and in which he enjoyed Italy with his ex Toni Costa and his daughter Alaïa. With this outfit she makes it clear that age is just a matter of number, she still looks young and with a glam that never loses.