Man Runs Through Window To Escape Husband

Man Runs Through Window To Escape Husband

It is one thing to believe yourself a superhero and quite another that you can really fly, I say if you are going to jump out the window, at least look for a soft place to fall. It is worth sobar eh!

Be careful with those sudden getaways where you feel the adrenaline rush at a thousand per hour, if you are going to have a light adventure with your beloved make sure that everything is perfectly planned, it is not going to be that you have to end up escaping through the window to flee from your husband.

Nowadays no one escapes, with the use of technology we all have a mobile device with a very good lens and ready to capture any moment, even better if it is intimate situations that end up being uncomfortable. and be careful with the networks because only one click is enough for you to appear on the internet.

Without further ado, let’s go to what interests us, and it is that surprisingly on the day of the meeting, while what had to happen, the husband arrives to ruin everything and what does he see? A wolf eating his little red riding hood with everything and a cape, the all furious husband immediately set out to capture his prey, however, he was slow because little legs so that I love them, he ran! He felt like Ratatouille the man, he couldn’t find where to run.

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Seeing that he was cornered, he decided to escape by selling his underwear and exposing himself to the eyes of the neighbors and the occasional curious person who was walking around, fortunately he managed to take a couple of sheets, and little by little he descended; When he finally finds an open window, he wants to enter but a woman came out with a broomstick and began to remember her childhood.

Do not do what you would not like to be done. Photo: Pixabay

Unfortunately, the end of this story is not exactly known because the video ends with the poor boy in his attempt to escape, before this unknown we believe that possibly the husband came down to wait for him. Will the police have arrived? Would he manage to escape?

To tell the truth, who has not had such an experience? It turns out to be very uncomfortable and embarrassing to be interrupted, and even though we can pay to be alone, we prefer to take the risk, it is quite an experience, however, it does not always turn out as planned, it is better not to be involved in a legal matter because ultimately it is something that can happen.

Have you ever taken a getaway like this? It would be interesting and fun to read, and if you haven’t already, don’t try it! learn from this poor guy who just wanted to eat a light dessert but ended up with heartburn. And by the way, take care of your cupcake, lest ants get on it in a careless one.