In Leggings Ariadne Díaz Makes Marcus Ornelas React

In Leggings Ariadne Díaz Makes Marcus Ornelas React

Ariadne Diaz continues to impress with her beauty and falls in love with her fans but more with her partner Marcus Ornelas with a very innovative look that suits her very well.

An actress who undoubtedly knows how to look beautiful with or without makeup is Ariadne Diaz and to show her publications on social networks where she falls in love with more than one and that the fans thank, but who is drooling is her partner and father of his son Marcus Ornelas.

And it is not for less, lately Ariadne Diaz shows off with outfits that fit her well and that not only make Marcus Ornelas fall at her feet, but fans do not miss the opportunity to chulele each of her posts and write one that another compliment to the beautiful actress.

Recently in tight leggings Ariadne Díaz makes Marcus Ornelas react , the leather garment was combined with a white shirt and a golden jacket with royal blue finishes, an innovative outfit that caught the attention of many but that undoubtedly showed the great body of the actress of "La Malquerida" after being a mother.

In tight leggings Ariadne Díaz makes Marcus Ornelas react. Photo: Instagram

"You look definitely beautiful", "Beautiful doll", "The most beautiful", "Beautiful anyway", "You are beautiful Ariadne" , were the comments left by her loyal followers, although many agreed that she looked a lot better without makeup, natural.

"You look prettier without makeup", "You look much prettier naturally, without so much production that you don’t need it", "I like you more at the beginning", "Naturally, no one like you", "Without makeup you are perfect", The fans let him know with cute words and emojis, how does he look better?

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Ariadne Diaz is very happy with her role as a mother while supporting her partner in everything who is the protagonist of “If they leave us”, they recently spoke with the press about a wedding , but said that they will wait until the pandemic is more controlled to be able invite the family of Marcus Ornelas who is in Brazil.

Meanwhile, she is still active through social networks, although fans are looking forward to a new telenovela project where she will surprise us again with her talent and beauty and they hope it will be very soon.