Signs That Man Is Afraid Of Engagement

Signs That Man Is Afraid Of Engagement

These men hide behind saying that it is worth more alone than in bad company, when in reality what they have is a fear of commitment

Suddenly these men who apparently live happily out of their single life you see them in depression, or many times they are the ones with the smile and eternal good humor, of these you have to be alert since they are prone to suffer from fear of commitment.

Men who fear commitment are those who know that there are many things that involve being in a serious relationship, where no one is looked at other than the partner, they are so comfortable walking from here to there that they want to have the least it’s a compromise.

Now there are many factors that determine this fear in men and here we explain each of them. Decipher Why are men afraid of commitment? It is quite broad but we will summarize you in the most important reasons why these cuties do not want anything serious.

Men fear commitment. Photo: Pixabay

Not be perfect

There are men who, being too concerned about being the best man for a woman, live it stressed and their fear lies in that they do not want to disappoint their partner, they would take it as a failure and that is difficult to overcome.

That they do not accept them with their defects

They, even if you don’t believe it, behind a vanity, there are fears, there are fears that reveal that they are terrified that a woman they would like to be in a relationship with, will not accept them as they are, with their moods, with their virtues, with his affections and defects. This makes them decline any commitment. They do not like women to criticize them or see them as their competition.

Already lived an infidelity

Men who have suffered an infidelity causes them low self-esteem and they become more difficult or more selective when looking for a partner to take seriously, since it is very difficult for them to believe that they will no longer be unfaithful. You need to close that circle and give yourself the opportunity to meet a woman to overcome this situation together.

Does not want to stop being free

If you are a man who loves parties, going out here and out there, it is not so easy for a weekend to arrive and it turns out that you only have to limit yourself to being on a visit with your girlfriend for two hours, or to be in a marriage where he has to go out with his wife. Although currently married couples give themselves their spaces for each one to go out with their friends.

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