Kylie Jenner has ugly feet and her sister Kendall too

Kylie Jenner has ugly feet and her sister Kendall too

For some, knowing the feet of Kylie Jenner and Kendal Jenner that are not aesthetically beautiful made them think that perfection does not exist

They are millionaires and practically there are those who consider them perfect but they themselves recognize that they cannot be completely since the feet of Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall are ugly.

There are people for whom the feet are practically a fetish and they point out that they are where you can see the care they give to the rest of the body, but in this case it is the shape of the fingers that makes them point to Kylie Jenner for having feet ugly.

Each person has something with which they are not satisfied, although it is not always the cause that limits them to being happy, but there are those who pay so much attention to the details that they came to compare the feet of the Jenner sisters, pointing out that they finally found something in which they are better.

It is not the first time that they bring out this part of the beautiful models who honestly have sculptural bodies that impose and are a cause of envy even more by wearing them in tiny outfits.

Kylie Jenner shared photos of her feet. Photo:Instagram
Kylie Jenner shared photos of her feet. Photo:Instagram

Kylie Jenner has very thin and slightly crooked fingers; on occasion he has talked about it in his Instagram story where he said "I broke my middle finger at school and there is little you can do with a broken finger, so it had to heal as I wanted it to heal"

But well, she made it clear that this is not what defines her and she uploaded some photos of her in a bathing suit, shutting up millions, we know that this part of the body has other functions where aesthetics do not matter and sometimes it is hereditary to have them the way they are in which we are born.

These are Kendall Jenner's feet. Photo.Instagram
These are Kendall Jenner’s feet. Photo.Instagram

Those of her sister Kendal Jenner are honestly not very aesthetic either and have been a trend lately when someone brought them out in a TikTok video proud that she had them better.

Kylie Jenner has 214 million followers on Instagram while her sister Kendall Jenner 151 million, being one of the most followed young people in the digital medium, they are persecuted at every step they take and can look for the smallest detail with a magnifying glass to lower them from that ‘perfection that many they have been given, do you like the shape of your feet?