This is how old messages are searched on the WhatsApp platform

This is how you look for old messages on the WhatsApp platform

After long hours of chatting on your favorite WhatsApp instant messaging platform, it’s time to search for a specific message, but where is it? Where did he go?

WhatsApp is one of the most common applications used throughout the world as a way of communicating with others through messages, calls and video calls, as well as the possibility of exchanging documents, audios and photos, but what happens when later From so much information exchange we can’t find a particular message that we need at a certain moment?

Surely on more than one occasion it has happened to them that they need to re-read or resend that message that they exchanged with a person, but among all the existing conversation, searching for it manually would be very tiring and would involve wasting a lot of time.

Hypothetically, people’s lives are in this application by having communication with friends, family and work people, that is why it is not easy to find a specific message, however, today we are going to discover how to rescue a message given in a conversation .

Scrolling and sliding your finger up could be the number one option that comes to mind, but with this technique it would be very tiring, apart from the fact that it would waste a lot of time.

WhatsApp. Photo: Unsplash

Use the search engine: All WhatsApp chats have this option, the only detail is that if it is important to remember a specific word or phrase that leads you to find the desired message.

The first step is to open the chat you need, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner, choose the search option, a bar will appear at the top of the screen with a continuous line, write what you want to search for, a phrase, word and go by tapping on the up or down arrows that are on the right side, so you will see all the messages until you reach the one indicated. It is important to clarify that this only works if the message has not been deleted.

Search in all chats: When you are looking for a message that you do not know in which chat it was, especially if it is from groups, the option is to search in all chats, to do so it is necessary to use the WhatsApp search engine to search in all conversations, now that if the message was deleted then nothing can be done, the process is as follows:

Open WhatsApp, enter the main sale of the chats, click on the magnifying glass that is in the upper right and write what you are looking for, as a result all the chats that match the search will appear and here if it applies to scroll to go through each of the conversations until you find what you are looking for.

Backup: The backup option must be configured, as these store the chats and photos in the cloud and on the cell phone, in case a chat is deleted by accident or the phone is damaged, the information can be recovered without no problem, the steps to follow are:

Open WhatsApp, click on the three points in the upper right, select settings, go to the chat section and select backup.

Finally, it is important to remember that you should not delete any conversation in case you want to recover the messages sent and received in the future, if you do not want them to appear in the main window then you must use the option to archive messages, to do so, hold down the conversation and click on the box icon and the arrow in the upper right part of the screen.

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