If Pregnancy Is Not Achieved, Your Money Is Returned, Announces Program

If Pregnancy Is Not Achieved, Your Money Is Returned, Announces Program

This is a program launched by a fertility clinic, which can get you back up to 95% of the money in case the pregnancy is not achieved

A center in Panama specialized in reproductive health created a program designed so that couples who resort to fertility treatment and are unable to conceive a full-term pregnancy, can recover up to the full investment, a pioneering alternative in the country and the region .

This is the "Panama Fertility" clinic, whose program called "Babe Contigo" offers a success of up to 95 percent of achieving a pregnancy to patients who opt for any of the assisted reproduction techniques such as Egg Donation, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Artificial Insemination.

"If you do not have your baby at home, we will refund your money" , this is how the subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Mario Vega Croker, who is also the scientific director of the center, summarizes this plan, located in the offices of the Punta Pacifica Hospital, in the City of Panama.

If you do not achieve pregnancy, the fertility clinic in Panama could return up to 95% of your money. Photo: Pixabay

He explains to Efe that this idea arose after evaluating the advances in technology and innovation that Panama Fertility has had in its 30 years of experience and scientific trajectory, being until now one of the reference clinics in reproductive health in Central America.

The doctor describes that the medical strategy is personalized and based on the individual needs of each patient, which is why he maintains that a comprehensive evaluation is essential to achieve an accurate diagnosis.

According to the doctor, in Panama most cases of infertility are due to female factors , but studies indicate that the male factor is involved to some degree in about 40 percent of couples with infertility problems.

For this reason, the program offers up to four attempts in the different techniques used, and if it is not achieved, a return of up to 100 percent of the investment is given and the time to apply the cycles is indefinite.

The subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Mario Vega Croker. Photo: EFE

To compare the effectiveness of his techniques, Vega points to the overall rates when using these programs, ranging from one attempt (65 percent), two attempts (75 percent), three attempts (85 percent), and four attempts (95 percent). ).

"This is very attractive for those people who resorted to other clinics and the results were negative, because they have been looking for guarantees of their investment," he adds.

It specifies that anyone can apply to the program, which differentiates them from other countries with similar proposals, where only candidates with a good prognosis of becoming pregnant are selected.

"Here we do not discriminate, neither by age nor by quality of ovarian reserve," emphasizes the doctor, who assures that there are 50-year-old patients who come wanting to be mothers.

To an encouraging promise is added the facilities to finance the procedure, since Panama Fertility has internal and external plans to be able to pay them directly or through banks.

"We believe that this concept, whose objective is to offer patients peace of mind and security to have their babies, may have greater success in the future, so we predict that this will benefit 100 percent of those interested," predicted Vega.

The expert stressed that "the great requirement is that the patient is healthy enough so that she can carry her pregnancy and have a healthy baby."

The Panama Fertility clinic, with some 30 years of experience, has achieved the birth of at least 10,000 healthy babies, it also belongs to the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction (REDLARA) and has the certification of processes that guarantees quality in infertility treatments and fertility.