Mexico Today With 17,799 Covid-19 Contagions And 1,732 Deaths

Mexico Today With 17,799 Covid-19 Contagions And 1,732 Deaths

It will not take long to reach 20 thousand cases of covid-19 in Mexico, in 24 hours 1,047 positives were reported

The health authorities of Mexico registered 163 deaths and 1,047 COVID-19 infections this Wednesday for a cumulative of 1,732 deaths and 17,999 confirmed cases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic at the end of February.

The 1,047 cases reported in the last 24 hours are equivalent to an increase of 6.3% compared to the 16,752 accumulated infections that were notified in the previous report, said José Luis Alomía, director of Epidemiology of the Mexican government.

However, the Mexican government does not carry out massive tests on the population, so it is estimated that the number of patients may be about nine times higher.

Secretary of Health of Mexico, Jorge Alcocer at today’s conference. Photo: EFE

Alomía specified that just over a third of the accumulated cases since the beginning of the pandemic, are patients who developed the symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days, a total of 5,444, an increase of 115 compared to the 5,349 that were reported yesterday.

Since the start of the pandemic, Mexican Health authorities have registered the occurrence of 1,732 deaths from COVID-19, of which 163 occurred in the last 24 hours, Alomía said.

Additionally, there is a report of 152 deaths that are suspected of coronavirus, although to confirm it, the results of the laboratory must be awaited, the official said.

Alomy reported the accumulated registry of 13,263 suspected cases of having the virus, as well as 50,850 negatives, all this with a universe of 81,912 patients studied.

Mexico currently has an average occupation of 23% of the 13,744 beds that are ready for patients who have signs of seriousness, although they do not require the use of a respiratory ventilator, he indicated.

The Mexican capital is the entity in the country with the highest number of accumulated cases with 389 deaths and 4,782 infections since the beginning of the pandemic and also with the highest number of active cases with 1,540, said the expert.

60.41% of the positive cases in the Mexican capital are kept under care at home and 39.59% are admitted to hospitals, which show an occupation of 60% of the total available beds, authorities said .

The head of the Ministry of Health, Jorge Alcocer, reported that currently it has not been proven that any drug is safe and effective to treat COVID-19.

Mexico has been in place since March 20 with mitigation measures for the pandemic that include the so-called Jornada de Sana Distancia, with which, in addition to taking care of personal hygiene, people are asked not to leave their homes.

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