Baking soda to straighten hair naturally

Baking soda to straighten hair naturally

This treatment helps to remove impurities from the hair and achieve, with baking soda, that straightening it is easier and more natural.

If there is a basic product that you should have at home, it is Baking Soda, it is a white powder which can be ingested but also helps in other household activities, in addition to beauty and hair.

With baking soda you can straighten your hair naturally, it may sound a bit strange to you but what it does is exfoliate it, remove dirt residues and impurities that keep it rough.

Each person has different hair but sometimes ours, not being able to straighten, curl or keep it looking good, is because it is not properly treated since a daily wash or every third day is not always enough as some are used to.

Baking soda to straighten hair naturally. Photo:Pixabay
Baking soda to straighten hair naturally. Photo:Pixabay

The straightening will be better after using the baking soda on it, it will clean it, it will make it more manageable, it will lower the frizz, it gives it body but not volume so it will stay as you want it for longer.

This treatment is so simple that it will be done while giving you your usual bath or do it separately just washing your head perfectly, it will be applied as a mask to all damp hair from roots to ends.

Take about three tablespoons of baking soda in a container and add a little water until you make a not-so-liquid paste and begin to massage the entire scalp, passing through means until finished, leaving it to rest for about 5 minutes and then rinse.

If you do it with warm water, try to finish with a little cold water to avoid dryness and perspiration, simply let it dry naturally and you will notice the change, if you put heat it will be easier to smooth it.

Now, this procedure can only be done once every 15 days, the hair already has a natural fat, with that we remove the excess since doing it frequently then if it will make it very dry, another way to put bicarbonate is to mix a little in your shampoo and use it as usual.

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