Mariana Seoane And Andrea Escalona Hold On To Pushing

Mariana Seoane And Andrea Escalona Hold On To Pushing

In a games section, the host Andrea Escalona jostled with the guest Mariana Seoane for a song

The TODAY program is always the subject of some controversy. Although the apparent camaraderie among all the drivers stands out, it is Andrea Ecalona who is criticized for her somewhat "heavy" way of getting along with everyone.

‘Salva la Rola’ is the space where two teams are formed between drivers and guests to compete for the microphone and sing the song that is heard, Andrea Escalona and Mariana Seoane left until the shoves.

While for some these pushes were part of a game, there are those who saw a bit of evil on the part of Escalona although Mariana was not far behind and "took revenge" by doing the same at the end of her participation.

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Mariana Seoane and Andrea Escalona shove each other. Photo: Instagram

Kunno is a 20-year-old boy known as the king of Tik Tok walks who has made a trend of a video that many have replicated but not all of them have been invited as such today.

He also participated in this song section having fun despite having suffered an inconvenience in which he lost a false nail, that as part of his look and personality that stands out on social networks.

Then it was the turn to face Andrea Escalona and Mariana Seoane who were inside several inflated life jackets with which they had to run, the song that sounded was “Niña Buena” which made the guest popular.

In the images you can see how they both run but Escalona stops to wait for Mariana and push her even with the microphone in hand, which they point out could annoy the singer a bit since at the end of her song she pushes the driver for no reason.

This happens from minute two of the video, the same did not happen to adults but if they saw what Mariana did to Escalona as revenge, in the end they all ended up on the ground.

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