The Beautiful Mexican Dresses That Angela Aguilar Boasted

The Beautiful Mexican Dresses That Angela Aguilar Boasted

To celebrate the national holidays, the 16-year-old girl shared a series of photographs where she proudly wears beautiful Mexican dresses

Apart from her enormous talent, something that surprises about Ángela Aguilar is her beauty and style of dress since each of her publications go viral because of the clothes she wears, whether they are casual or Mexican, as was the case in this case.

Through her social networks where Ángela Aguilar shows off her incredible Mexican dresses. It should be noted that the girl is following in the footsteps of her grandfather Antonio and her father Pepe Aguilar and from a very young age has made her way into the world of regional Mexican music .

The girl usually surprises her followers not only for her charming voice, but also for her peculiar style of dress in each of her presentations, in which she usually chooses to wear typical costumes or dresses full of details from the Mexican country.

Ángela Aguilar shows off Mexican dresses. Photo: Instagram

That is why no one was surprised that the 16-year-old singer decided to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day by sharing on her Instagram account a series of images in which she appears posing with the most beautiful dresses with Mexican details that she has worn. sometime for your photoshoots or your presentations.

As expected, the reactions of her followers did not wait and filled her with compliments, as well as accumulated thousands of ‘likes’

Among the six photographs that Ángela shared, she wears different dresses of different shades, such as black, red and pink, posing either on stage or in some representative property of the country as a background, showing that she is proud of her roots and highlighting her enormous beauty.

In one of the images where she is proud of being Mexican and refers to the national holidays for the 2010 years of Independence, the daughter of Pepe Aguilar shared a message:

I’m just a girl who wears your suits where her throat takes her. I feel like an explorer every time I land on your traditions that are as rich as your food. Your people make you and their love fills you. Dear Mexico, it is an honor to be from your land.

This publication accumulated almost 400 thousand ‘likes’ and it was the perfect opportunity for all its fans to praise both its beauty and the one that boasts the typical costumes of the country, which recalls the style of his grandmother, Flor Sylvestre and his father, who he frequently wears charro suits during his concerts.

Angela’s favorite dresses are usually fitted at the waist with a wide, wide skirt, usually embroidered with flower details.

In his Instagram account he usually shares images where he shows off those outfits, however he wanted to celebrate the national holidays in the best way, making a compilation of them.

Ángela Aguilar in one of her presentations. Photo: Instagram