Sep: High School Entrance Exam Canceled

Sep: High School Entrance Exam Is Canceled

On August 10, the school year is expected to be reactivated, authorities have determined that the secondary school entrance exam is suspended

Many things changed after the arrival of the pandemic in the world, the educational system was affected in Mexico where for the first time all classes were online and thus the school year ended, what happens to students who are new to secondary school?

It is known that the scheduled date for the start of the next school year 2020-2021 would be August 10, according to what the SEP itself indicates, which has determined that the exam for students new to secondary school is suspended.

In a statement, the Federal Education Authority in Mexico City (AEFCM) highlighted that the application of the IDANIS exam, Diagnosis for New High School Students is canceled for the start of the new school year.

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SEP: The high school entrance exam is canceled. Photo: Pixabay

This mainly because it would be a risk to expose the students to contagion while protecting the teacher and family in the same way, being impossible to carry out, said exam is important for the assignment of schools and shifts.

On December 11, 2019, through the AEFCM portal, the call for the pre-registration process was published, stating that from January 9 to February 17, 2020, said process would be carried out online for secondary school.

How Students Will Enter High School

The statement highlights that this pre-registration process, you chose and registered in the system three options for secondary schools and available shifts. To generate the group assignment in any of the requested alternatives, the AEFCM will consider: a)

The main criterion will be the result that the student obtains as a general evaluation of their primary education (average that will appear on their certificate), which will replace the result of the IDANIS test.

The tiebreaker criteria that were announced in the call for the pre-registration process, remain:

  • Have a sibling enrolled between the first and second year of the requested high school.
  • The town to which it belongs.
  • The applicant’s age: This is a more transparent and inclusive process, since the only option will be to replace the IDANIS test result with the general average of the students.

The AEFCM will begin the assignment process after the teachers evaluate the third period of the 2019-2020 school year and record the grades in the institution’s information system.

The results of the assignment process will be announced at the end of July, only through the website Once the results of the assignment to secondary schools have been published, a virtual table will be installed to attend to requests for changes in function of available spaces