Sugar Consumption And Its Connection To Cancer

Sugar Consumption And Its Connection To Cancer

The so-called "white death" is a condition that afflicts the current population, whose consumption of cancer is very high. Be careful!

Undoubtedly the eating habits of the population over the years have changed for the worse. We are currently one of the societies that has consumed the most sugar in human history, despite its terrible connection to cancer.

Not for nothing, diabetes is considered an epidemic throughout the world and that every year it takes the lives of many people.

Information on the subject shows that in the year 1700 a person consumed at least 2 kilos of sugar a year, however surprisingly for 2012, it was learned that in that period an inhabitant of the United States had consumed 90 kilograms of sugar in the same period.

Sugar consumption and its connection to cancer Photo: Freepik

Does it surprise you? Perhaps it is time for you to start taking action and moderate your sugar consumption, as it is currently known as the white death because it also has a direct connection with cancer.

Today children are more addicted to sugar, mainly in its most dangerous form: fructose syrup, which is an ingredient in several industrialized products, including soft drinks (we take the opportunity to tell you the reasons why you should say goodbye to a good time).

This dangerous formula is made from glucose and fructose, but not bound together like table sugar, so the body needs to process it. In this way, the fructose is absorbed immediately and is directly sent to the liver where it is converted into fat.

The problem with the high consumption of processed sugars is that the metabolism is deceived in such a way that the ability to secrete insulin is reduced, thus leading to conditions such as type “diabetes, obesity and a decrease in white blood cells.

Another negative consequence of this problem is that there is a decreased ability of the body to fight infections.
The big drawback with consuming sugar is that it is very addictive. The reason? It is proven that it produces a more satisfying sensation in the body than cocaine.

This is because when consuming sugar, the brain releases dopamine, known as the happiness hormone, which explains why we become addicted to this harmful product.

The connection between sugar and cancer is explained by the fact that all cancer cells are anaerobic, that is, they work without oxygen, which is why sugar is their favorite food.

Sugar consumption and its connection to cancer Photo: Freepik

In this way, the risk of consuming sugar is mortal, since someone with cancer who has not yet been diagnosed could be feeding and facilitating the reproduction of cancer cells if they eat a diet very high in sugar.

Although it sounds trite to you, leading a healthy lifestyle, exercising, but above all staying away from sugar are the key to getting rid of the so-called “white death”.

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