Consequences of Excess Consumption of Antibiotics

Consequences of Excess Consumption of Antibiotics

Taking antibiotics can help save your life, but what if there is abuse and they are consumed in excess? How can it affect my body?

Talking about antibiotics is touching on a crucial issue in health, on the one hand we know that they are good because they help to eliminate the infection, but on the other hand it causes us more problems than we imagine, especially if they are consumed in excess. Today we will talk about the consequences of an excess in the consumption of antibiotics.

It is very common for children from an early age to get sick from viral infections, and this is because they do not have the corresponding hygiene measures, while they are playing they touch the puddle, eat junk food, suck their fingers and do a thousand other things with which it is very easy to get sick and even infect others.

Once they have become ill and their parents take them to the doctor, it is very common for the health professional to immediately recommend the use of antibiotics, and although they are bad because the antibiotic does not distinguish between good and bad bacteria but rather eliminates all together, in due course it is necessary to administer it to be able to eliminate this strong infection.

The problem is that by eliminating good and bad bacteria, it causes the immune system to weaken because now the good bacteria that previously protected us no longer exist in the stomach, so it is important to remember that every time you consume antibiotics you must replace that loss of intestinal flora with quality probiotics.

The problem with all this is that it becomes a real vicious circle, since the moment we get sick from an infection, an antibiotic is prescribed, but what happens? the antibiotic weakens the immune system, and being weak is much easier for a virus or bacteria to get sick again, and when fishing for another infection, antibiotics are prescribed again, later the immune system is weakened again and Another disease that requires antibiotics comes in again, and so on, things happen until the person’s intestinal flora runs out and then they get sick from any small thing because they no longer have defenses.

When this vicious circle is entered, there is an abuse of antibiotics, which must be administered with great responsibility, because failure to do so makes the person no longer have defenses and become ill on a daily basis, in addition a very insistent fungus proliferates that is called candida albicans, which can manifest itself in the case of a man with a white tongue or in the case of a woman with vaginal itching and a white tongue as well.

It can also happen that there is an opportunity for bacteria that are very difficult to destroy to develop or that strains of bacteria resist treatment, which in medicine is known as bacterial resistance, and when it is bacterial resistance, antibiotics will be recommended much stronger, in other words much more intensified consequences, a veritable vicious cycle.

To reduce the consumption of antibiotics as much as possible, it is vital that the person avoid the consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugars, since this favors infections and many of the diseases that we currently know, so the first step is to improve the diet, stay well hydrated, reduce stress levels and get enough sleep, in this way we will have a strong immune system and away from diseases, why it is always much better to talk about prevention than to treat a disease.