They Are The Three Sons Of Paco Stanley

They Are The Three Sons Of Paco Stanley

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Paco Stanley, the murdered television host who left three children Paul Stanley, Francisco and Leslie Stanley Pedroza

One of the most charismatic and remembered presenters is Paco Stanley who ceased to exist in life 20 years ago, leaving three children who remember him every day.

Paul Stanley, Francisco Stanley Pedroza and Leslie Stanley Pedroza are the three sons of Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero, known as Paco Stanley who died 20 years ago.

That day June 7, 1999 was one that caused controversy on television, they ended the life of Paco Stanley a few hours after finishing his television program.

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Paco Stanley was married to Patricia Pedroza with whom he had two children, Francisco Stanley Pedroza, 47 years old today a lawyer and producer and Leslie Stanley Pedroza who are out of the way.

It was a hard blow for the family, in the blink of an eye their father left them, the driver always waited for the moment when his daughter would make him a grandfather, she pointed out.

Despite Paco Stanley having been married for a long time, over the years the existence of a third child came to light, who procreated with Mónica Durruti Castillo, an aide-de-camp who worked with him.

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Paul Stanley Durruti Castillo, now 33 years old, is the youngest son of Paco Stanley who had contact with his father despite not living with him and his mother.

When Paco Stanley died, Paul was 14 years old, according to an interview done by Adela Micha on her show La Saga, she found out about the tragedy at her school.

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Various speculations arose about the Stanley case, in itself to date it is not known for sure what happened and who planned the murder.

There is a conditional relationship on the three children of Paco Stanley, in the case of Paul his mother legally demanded the corresponding rights as the legitimate son of the driver for his first-born.

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Paul’s mother already had another partner and a son, but kept communication with Paco Stanley to see issues related to their son in common.

Although the surname is strong, Paul Stanley has managed to make his way on his own, as an actor and driver mainly as he does in the morning ‘Today’.

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When Paco Stanley died he had a morning program on Azteca TV called One after another, when they finished they decided to eat tacos in a restaurant called "El Charco de las Ranas", when he left he was shot.

At the scene, he was with the reporter Jorge Gil, Mario Bezares and Paola. During an aide-de-camp, the latter two spent a year and a half in prison on suspicion of complicity with the case.