Irina Baeva Returned To Mexico And Gabriel Soto Does Not Receive Her

Irina Baeva Returned To Mexico And Gabriel Soto Does Not Receive Her

Irina Baeva’s return to Mexico was not as everyone expected, since it was thought that her boyfriend Gabriel Soto would be there to receive her.

After a month of living that great dream in New York, Irina Baeva returned to Mexico and Gabriel Soto did not receive her , thus breaking all expectations of the couple and what they thought would be the return of the Russian to home.

Although many bet that this courtship would stagger after the trip of the actress from Soltero Con Hijas to the Big Apple, they assured that everything was going smoothly with their relationship, but now that Irina Baeva returned to Mexico, Gabriel Soto does not receive her .

The return to the country of the Russian model has not been as many expected, since they imagined a Gabriel Soto more excited about the return of his beloved girlfriend, after not seeing each other for several weeks, but this did not happen that way.

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irina baeva
Irina Baeva returned to Mexico and Gabriel Soto does not receive her. Photo: Instagram.

After a month since Irina Baeva went to live in New York with the aim of perfecting her English and taking dance classes at a renowned academy in that city, she has finally returned to Mexico, only her return was not as many expected. .

Well, being a good time separated from her boyfriend Gabriel Soto, her fans expected that the soap opera heartthrob would see himself in his role as a romantic boyfriend and prepare something nice to receive his beloved, but nothing like that happened.

During her return to Mexico, Irina Baeva documented the journey, shared photos where she can be seen on top of the plane that would bring her back to the country and ready for takeoff, while it was thought that Geraldine Bazán’s ex would already be in the airport in the waiting room.

However, when she stepped on solid ground in the country, her reception was dry, and instead of being received by Gabriel Soto, she was found by the media that were punctual upon her arrival, while the actor was conspicuous by his absence.

With a good number of suitcases, Irina Baeva had to take a taxi to her house, where it is thought that Gabriel Soto surely did prepare something special to receive her, it was a month of not seeing each other and only contacting each other through a screen.

Irina Baeva continues to make her way to success in her career

According to what was declared by the Russian at the airport in Mexico City, she returns very happy and satisfied from that trip to New York, which she enjoyed to the fullest and lived incredible adventures, in addition to having made a waste of beauty and fashion in the Big Apple.

In addition, she mentioned that she has great projects in Mexico to which she will put all her effort, and in which she is already working via Zoom, she is very happy that the doors in her career continue to open and she continues to add to her growth as an actress.

During her trip to New York, Irina Baeva had the opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with great celebrities, including well-known characters in the world of fashion such as Sarah Jessica Parker, with whom she had the opportunity to live together.