Carlos Rivera Fulfills The Dream Of A Girl With Cancer

Carlos Rivera Fulfills The Dream Of A Girl With Cancer

Andrea is a fan of Carlos Rivera and she dreamed of meeting him, the Tlaxcalans fulfilled her wish by inviting her to his dressing room.

Possessing great humility, as described by his fans, Carlos Rivera fulfills the dream of a girl with cancer , she dreamed of meeting him and the singer did not hesitate to fulfill his wish.

Carlos Rivera fulfills the dream of a girl with cancer , his greatest wish was to be able to hug the interpreter of "follow me" and his sister did not rest until she saw little Andrea in front of her idol.

Through a media in the state of Tlaxcala, the story of Andrea, a 9-year-old minor, who is a great follower of the singer Carlos Rivera and who lived a day full of joy last Friday, 6 of December.

Last week, Carlos Rivera appeared in the city of Tlaxcala, a presentation that Andrea expected so much, because the interpreter’s songs give him the joy to continue his fight against cancer.

According to the media, Andrea’s sister was the main cause that the dream could be made, because knowing the tastes of the minor, she trained for hours to be able to obtain a ticket for the presentation of the huamantleco.

Andrea’s sister did not get tickets for said presentation, however she spoke with a reporter from that medium about Andrea’s story and it was he who disclosed the case and they were able to get tickets for the event.

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I’m still excited about yesterday in my land of Tlaxcala. The love they showed me at every moment is unmatched. This day I will keep it in my heart forever. THANK YOU! . �� @montserratcastro_

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From very early, Andrea met at the place and sang with all his strength each melody by Carlos Rivera, who also learned about Andrea’s story and invited her to come into his dressing room.

The meeting between Carlos Rivera and Andrea took place, they assure that the singer received her with a hug, gave her his autograph and gave her a "poncho" with the face of the Tlaxcalans stamped on it.

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Surrendered to the brightness of 10 thousand souls … I love you forever Tlaxcala … Thank you! . �� @montserratcastro_

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Undoubtedly, Andrea’s story has moved everyone, as it makes it clear that dreams can be fulfilled and also gives credit to the great human quality that Carlos Rivera has.

For this same event, Carlos Rivera offered pizzas to all his followers who waited for long hours in line to get a ticket for this important presentation in his home state.

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