Know the Differences of Visual Fatigue and Eyestrain

Know the Differences of Visual Fatigue and Eyestrain

Eye discomfort can be very dangerous. Here we tell you what are the differences between having eyestrain and suffering from visual fatigue

At some point in our lives we can feel some kind of discomfort in our eyes for various reasons. There are countless diseases that can be responsible for this type of discomfort.

There are two types of visual ailments that, because they have very similar names, many people often confuse them, but they are different health problems and each one has its symptoms: visual fatigue and eyestrain .

According to the Mayo Clinic website, eyestrain is another commonly known name for an eye disorder known in the medical profession as presbyopia . This condition is characterized by the loss of the ability to focus on objects. It is due to the fact that the lens gradually hardens naturally due to aging.

Know the differences between eyestrain and eyestrain. Photo: Freepik

The symptoms that manifest with this condition are tired eyes, constant headache, and difficulty in focusing on objects at a medium distance, which is perceived by holding objects closely to see them well.

Ocular fatigue , on the other hand, is identified as a disease that occurs due to the intense and constant use of the eyes , which can be due to an infinity of factors such as driving vehicles for long distances, or the use of electronic devices that emit light for excessive amounts of time.

Eye strain can be quite annoying, but it is not usually serious , and its effects can be combated with the use of certain eye drops and rest the eyes of the excessive use that is given to it.

However, there is a danger that this affliction may be aggravated if it is not given proper and timely treatment. If the problem worsens, there may be pain in the eyes, discomfort from light, blurred vision, muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, constant and sharp headache.

The use of ophthalmic solutions can alleviate some symptoms of visual fatigue. Photo: Freepik

It is vitally important that people see an eye specialist when they notice any discomfort in their vision, so that a timely diagnosis can be made and problems can be corrected.

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