Ninel Conde Sexier Than Ever Falls In Love With Her Followers

Ninel Conde Sexier Than Ever Falls In Love With Her Followers

The killer hottie does not stop pampering his Condefans and pleases them with a photo where he shows off his curves and looks very slim.

Ninel Conde and her beauty continue to be kept in the eye of the hurricane, she recently published a photograph where she is seen sexier than ever and as expected, she falls in love with her followers, they filled her with compliments.

The killer hottie is still carefree and ignoring the negative comments that have been made in recent weeks against her for subjecting her face to another change, she looks sexier than ever and her followers fall in love.

If Ninel Conde does care about something, it is to stay in shape with a rigorous diet and exercise, so she has no problem showing her statuesque body, she looks sexier than ever and awakens the sigh of the "condefans".

Ninel Conde
Ninel Conde falls in love with her followers with daring photography. Photo: Instagram.

Through her Instagram account, the actress boasts of the beauty she possesses, she recently shared a photo in a bathing suit and the comments of her followers did not wait.

Ninel Conde took advantage of the photograph to ask her fans how they were enjoying their weekend, to which among the comments they put "wow great body", "always beautiful", "beautiful", among other compliments.

Sunday vibes ✨����. How did you enjoy your #condefans weekend? I took the opportunity to relax a little!

Although not all the comments were positive for Ninel, as she was the target of criticism with this photograph and they questioned her why she was so thin and that her curves were disappearing.

The killer hottie ignored these comments, did not respond to them and they went unnoticed, however, she has said before the cameras that she cares little about the negative comments they make about her.

Her Instagram account is full of sensual photographs and for which her condefans appreciate and fill her with positive words, however, she has not given more statements about her scandals about the video that her surgeon published.

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Saturday attitude! Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think about what could work ✨��.

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