3 signs that will reject love during the weekend

3 signs that will reject love during the weekend

Thanks to the transit of the Moon in Aquarius, the following three zodiac signs are going to reject all love proposals this weekend

This weekend the attractiveness of various signs of the zodiac will increase considerably thanks to planetary movements, to such an extent that they will have the luxury of rejecting all those who will offer their love to them.

That’s right, the following signs of the zodiac are going to reject love during this weekend, since they are one hundred percent sure that they are better off alone and prefer to enjoy freedom, for now. He is willing to wait until the ideal person arrives.

It is not that the Moon in Aquarius has in store for them to reject all forms of love, quite the contrary. This transit does not promote romantic relationships, which means that relationships with other people are not the main thing during this movement.

What will come first is love and respect for oneself. That is where the Moon in Aquarius arrives. But when it comes to love for another person, you will have to wait a bit.

Scorpio : The sensuality and attractiveness of people born under this sign will become more intense during this transit. And if you are going to reject love during the Moon in Aquarius it is because you will not want to deal with people who will break your heart.

Zodiac signs that will reject love. Photo: Unsplash
Zodiac signs that will reject love. Photo: Unsplash

He thinks none of those people are truly interested in him or interested enough to think it’s love. Therefore, you will not be willing to waste a second of your valuable time on someone who is not worth it.

They are time suckers, social vampires who steal all your energy. Of course you want to get away from them.

Aquarius : The freest of the zodiac, they will want to continue like this in freedom. You are so excited to feel so alive and happy during the Moon in Aquarius that the last thing you want is to be with someone who demands something from you that you are not willing to give. Like love.

Love is a great thing and he loves it. But this has to be on his own terms and now he seems to be ignored. He wants someone to make him laugh. As if that weren’t enough your only concern will be the same.

Pisces : Although you faithfully believe in love for life, during this transit you will want to run away from it. With the Moon in Aquarius, you are going to get a surge of wholeness. He is not someone who is easily swayed by the current. He is going to forge his path and this will be alone.

You will reject the love of that one person because you believe it is not true. Other than that you need time alone to sort out your goals and feelings.

It is not about striving for excellence, you will be happy to get involved in love, but you feel that it is not the right time.