Christian Nodal is caught saying I Love You to Cazzu, fans are enraged

Christian Nodal is caught saying I Love You to Cazzu, fans are enraged

The Mexican regional singer Christian Nodal was severely criticized after being caught saying I love you to Cazzu, because after Belinda they accuse him of being in love

According to what can be seen, Christian Nodal is leaving his former partner Belinda in oblivion, the same one that caused him a lot of controversy and havoc in his personal, sentimental and professional life, but this time he was caught saying I love you to the rapper Cazzu and the fans were furious.

Christian and Nodal and Cazzu are living a dream relationship, because of course these are the beginning, and little by little they have shown their love more intensely, which is why every time he can, he takes the opportunity to show him all his love in public, but as this new relationship is not liking his fans , and they have expressed their anger.

And it is that when he was caught in a video saying I love you to the Argentine rapper, Internet users had no mercy and attacked him, since they try to make him understand that it is not good to fall in love lightly, because because of it is that then come his changes of look , his tattoos, his sadness , his depressions and his tiraderas .

It should be remembered that when he was with Belinda, they were one step away from reaching the altar, they had even tattooed each other, but when it was all over, they both ended up with a traumatic experience from which they still have not recovered 100%. Well, they were both super in love.

To date, it is not known exactly why Nodal and Belinda separated, but the only thing we know is that the new lucky one is Cazzu, whom she will probably take to the altar and the one who can become the mother of her children, well In a video it was shown that he loves this woman.

Through social networks, a video went viral where moments before a concert the two were seen together walking towards the stage, and being surrounded by the public, they make a stop and Nodal is the one who says I love you, to what many users did not stop to express their opinion.

"He doesn’t love anyone", "He already loves her so quickly?", "Oh, after a while?", "He forgot Beli’s ring so quickly", "I saw that you are the same as most ”, “He tells him I love you and they have a ridiculous week”, were some of the comments received for his show of love.