Don’t beat yourself up for someone who can’t see how amazing you are.

Don't beat yourself up for someone who can't see how amazing you are.

Get away from those who can’t see beyond, who don’t realize that next to him he has a wonderful person and who loves him like no one else will.

Do not allow yourself to receive less love than you deserve , to be treated as if you were worthless and do not lower your standards either, do not punish yourself for someone who cannot see how incredible you are, who thinks that you are going to stay by their side forever. without taking care of you and without making an effort to show you his affection, without making the slightest effort to take care of your relationship.

Do not keep staying by the side of a person who does not care if you stay or leave his life, who every time he has the opportunity makes you feel less or exalts your mistakes, but without seeing his faults, no punish yourself for someone who can’t see how amazing you are and that is so little to you, because they don’t know what to do with so much, they don’t understand how to reciprocate as you deserve.

When a man can’t see how fabulous you are, he presents you with signs, the so-called red flags that are there in plain sight, but sometimes you refuse to acknowledge them, you work hard to ignore them yourself to avoid facing the end of the relationship , but the faster you accept that you are not happy there and that they do not deserve you in that romance, the sooner you will heal your wounds.

Don’t beat yourself up over someone who can’t see how amazing you are. Photo: Pexels.

Stop clinging to someone who hurts you, who doesn’t make you happy, with whom you’re fine for two days and stop talking to each other for a week, don’t keep looking for excuses to stay with someone you know you’re not happy with and that you’re not going to make it. nothing healthy in the future, where day by day their love bond is deteriorating and the loss of trust becomes more evident.

Do not punish yourself by staying with a person who undervalues ​​you, who always tries to make you look down, who ridicules you in front of others or tells you that you are not good at doing certain things, much less punish yourself by staying next to someone to whom you give a lot, but you receive little from him, because while you go out of your way to please him, he only sees it as details that annoy him.

If you never feel at peace within that relationship, then you better go and get away from that person to whom you opened your heart and soul and that did not matter to him, you already gave the best of yourself, you did everything to make it happen. tell how much you love him and how much you cared about him, you wanted to fight to get his love forward, but you were the only one who was willing to do something.

Get out of that relationship that only causes you harm, in which you are wasting time and effort, it does not deserve you and it is not a love that is up to your standards, you deserve someone who gives you all their love and attention to hands full without that you have to ask him, that this person is born to give you his heart without measure and without conditions, do not suffer anymore for crumbs of romance.