Former academic Raúl Sandoval ignored by Tv Azteca goes to Televisa

Former academic Raúl Sandoval ignored by Tv Azteca goes to Televisa

The former academic has changed Tv Azteca for Televisa and it seems that he rejuvenated, he is at his best and he has even received new recognitions for his artistic career

The former TV Azteca academician Raúl Sandoval is working for his second home, which is Televisa, now he looks different and very much in the style of Luis Miguel, the singer has rejuvenated , apparently he will be part of the list of the new gallants of the star channel.

Raúl Sandoval has not been forgotten by his audience, on his Instagram account he accumulates hundreds of thousands of followers, he continues to sing and now he has ventured into acting. Raúl was one of the first participants of the reality show La academia.

The singer is from Mexicali and although he did not win the reality show, he has positioned himself as a good singer within the musical medium. Raúl remembers and remembers the exact moment when they told him that he had stayed at the academy, said he was taking his professional exam, when they arrived with the news that would change his life forever.

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“A month and a half step. I was doing my professional exam, they brought the cameras, the director of the university comes in and says:

“I have to fail this exam, the truth is that Raúl is very painful, this is happening” I took my exam and everything was perfect, I didn’t understand what was happening. He gave me a piece of paper that said ‘Congratulations, you’re at the Academy’ and I didn’t understand what it had to do with it. The one with the camera says, ‘It’s no good, take 2’”.

After leaving the academy, Raúl lost track of him for a while, but today it seems that luck is on his side and they have offered him a good opportunity on Televisa that he will be making the most of. It should be noted that the singer has 6 record productions,

As an actor he also has his boards, he acted alongside Víctor García in the televonela "Two boys of care", which went very well, then he was in Siempre tuya Acapulco, Las Buchonas de Tierra Blanca and "Mariposa de Barrio" the bioseries by Jenni Rivera in 2019.

Now that he is already working for Televisa, it is known that he will be participating in the Vicente Fernández bioseries, but the one produced by Netflix. It is said that Raúl will be one of the next soap opera protagonists. Currently, Raúl Sandoval has his heart occupied and is married.

He married the host Franc Meric, love is still latent in the couple and they have a son.