How a single mom wipes her tears and moves on

How a single mom wipes her tears and moves on

The day to day of a mother who raises her child alone is heavy, overwhelming, sad, but with a beautiful reward

Luchona? Lost? Foolish? There are many adjectives that are given to a single mom , but no one thinks about how heavy her days are when she has all the responsibility of a little person who was conceived thanks to two people.

Therefore, the man who did not have the courage to support, the guts to take charge of a new being and the courage to have that responsibility, can only be thanked: for having given that woman the greatest joy she will ever be able to have and show him that he is stronger than he thinks.

People look at you, point at you, they think you were a bad woman, or that you were a bitch and that’s why they left you. They call you "lucky", they make fun of you. You only think: What are we going to eat tomorrow?

A single mother wipes her tears. Photo: Pexels
A single mother wipes her tears. Photo: Pexels

My son got sick and I only have 100 pesos in my bag; he liked that toy on the counter and it hurt your soul, but you had to tell him no. You check your bag one more time, to see if you find a few more pesos and nothing.

You go down the street, desperate, looking for job signs, questions and you don’t meet the requirements, because you didn’t finish your studies. The world comes crashing down on you. You come home, hug your son and put him to sleep in your arms. You cry, you break down, you do shit, you didn’t sleep all night. You’ve already thought a lot, and solved little.

Morning comes, and your child wakes up with a smile. As long as he smiles nothing matters, one day he asks you about dad. He speaks of him with so much love, because he already knows him or would like to know him. It makes you angry that he loves him, because the bastard doesn’t even remember that he exists, but you can’t speak ill of his father. You’re not going to fill his little heart with resentment. You accept it, and continue

Look at you, you’re exhausted, those dark circles under your eyes give away your insomnia and that messy hair. Your little desire to continue; you already smoked a lot; anxiety is killing you. You already cried too much.

But… At the end of it all, your little love shows up, screaming and running around the house, accidentally sees you crying, looks you in the eye, runs for a bit of paper, wipes your tears, and tells you: "I love you." I love mom"

And your world is built again, then you know it’s worth fighting one more day.