How To Know That Between Him And You There Is Excellent Chemistry

How To Know That Between Him And You There Is Excellent Chemistry

Everyone talks about chemistry in a relationship and thinks about when it shows that it exists and when it does not, but find out how you can know that there is "good chemistry" with that person you like.

This goes beyond a simple attraction, to say that you like his physique, that you have been fascinated by the color of his eyes, everything goes beyond a "I like you", discover how to know that between you and him there is an excellent chemistry and that they are destined to be together, that if they try they will not fail and that everyone will notice that they are those kindred souls that without looking for each other found each other.

The University of Pisa, Italy, has revealed some studies that indicate that this "excellent chemistry" reaction only lasts two years, but there are couples who think that it actually lasts a lifetime , but that it goes through different stages, because only then they could stay together, do you already know if you have this connection with that special person? We tell you how to know that there is one between him and you.

Having chemistry in a relationship is the basis of something solid, strong and with a great future, it is one that is fused with the respect and trust that is required to stay together, only then can they be able to build a life in which the two are calm , in peace and together in love, when you have good chemistry, that is reflected, we tell you how to identify it.

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How to know that there is excellent chemistry between you and him. Photo: Pexels.

When you are already in a relationship, many people who see how they behave when they are together, how they talk to each other and how they treat each other, begin to comment and say that they see that there is excellent chemistry between the two, that it shows that they understand each other and get along, and this connection can be perceived by those around them.

This can be evidenced by the types of kisses that are given in front of others, that tenderness that permeates each kiss, in each affectionate nickname that is said without bothering each other, in the way you try and address your partner, but in reality chemistry has to go beyond what appears or the image of the ideal partner that you want to give to others.

To know that there is excellent chemistry between you and him, you must pay attention beyond the intense kiss he gives you or the look he gives you when he is praising you for how beautiful you arranged to go out, better look at how he is He behaves when he is with you and in what he does to see you happy, that is worth a lot and says a lot.

A couple that has chemistry is one in which the two admire each other, respect each other, support each other and are willing to do many things in order to be well and see the person next to them smile, that they accept each other as well. as they are and that they do not try to change or limit themselves to continue being part of that story that they have decided to write together.

A couple with chemistry is one where they look for each other, that when something good happens to them, they think of running to tell them so that together they can share that joy, and that when something bad happens, they also want to run to take refuge and hug each other. both to comfort the wound, when they fight they end up putting their pride aside and come together again to solve things.

There is mutual interest, the happiness of one is the happiness of the other, the pain of one is the pain of the other, they are together in good times and in worst, they are empathetic, they do not judge, they only listen, advise and overcome adversity together, that’s having excellent chemistry as a couple, do you have it? You can work on strengthening it and thus make it reflect with greater intensity outwards, that everyone sees them as a relationship worthy of admiration.