How to protect yourself from bad energies with purple bracelets

How to protect yourself from bad energies with purple bracelets

If you want to get rid of all the bad energies that surround you once and for all, purple bracelets are ideal, as they drive away all the negative

Every day we meet people who transmit their negative energy to us, so it is of the utmost importance that we protect ourselves from them so that we can get rid of unpleasant situations , bad luck and problems. Given this, a Tiktok influencer has given the perfect remedy: wear purple bracelets.

For thousands of centuries amulets have been used, either to attract good luck, abundance and fortune, as well as to ward off bad energies. Among them the purple bracelets, which if worn on each of the wrists of the hands with great faith, can cause the effect we want, drive away everything that brings evil to our lives.

After you place the purple bracelet on your right and left wrist you must say the following, while touching them.

Nothing less than light enters the field of light
Nothing less than love, enter the field of love
Nothing less than abundance, enter the field of abundance
Nothing less than joy, enter the field of joy

When you don’t need them anymore you deliver them to the fire . Remember that purple is the color of strength and has many meanings. Mystery , magic , elegance and even power , but it also has a strong meaning of desire, as it also symbolizes passion in a certain way. On the other hand, it can also transmit tranquility and peace .

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People who identify with the purple color usually put aside all the negative thoughts of other people and prejudices, enjoying life to the fullest. They establish their own style and pace of life.

On the other hand, placing a purple thread represents a guarantee for your subconscious, since it will give you the necessary energy balance in the body and will also help you to transmute all the negative energy and be able to find a mystical spirituality.