I discovered my husband who was unfaithful to me, he had a lover

I discovered my husband who was unfaithful to me, he had a lover

A story that divides opinions, they write to us to tell the story of a woman who discovered her husband with her best friend and planned a whole strategy to leave him on the street.

I was sitting on the bed when my husband told me that he was going to take a bath, suddenly I heard that he fell and he screamed, I scared I went in to see what was happening, and I saw him lying on the floor, I saw him passed out, I called the ambulance arrived, they took him to the hospital. I asked for leave from work to miss three days to take care of my husband.

He still did not wake up, the blow that occurred was very strong, so I took his cell phone and looked for the number of his bosses to notify and when I dial one that said "Boss2", a woman answers me, I thinking that the answer is wife of my husband’s boss, I said, will you pass me on to your husband please.

And oh surprise he hung up on me, I dialed again, and that’s it, until I made sure I had dialed correctly and yes, the number was correct. So I went to his messages, to WhatsApp, to apologize and send him a message that my husband was in the hospital.

I dialed Boss2 from my husband’s cell phone and the mistress answered me. Photo: Pixabay

And it was at that moment that I discovered that my husband was having an affair with one of my best friends, I saw how she sent him messages to leave me, that I was a small thing for him, and without shame he told her that he would divorce me .

It gave me a lot of courage, deceived by both of them, I never imagined that a great friend would take away my husband, and that my husband would fall in love with her. I tell them that I behaved very well with Karla, she was my confidant and when she needed me, I was always supporting her in everything.

So blinded by my courage, I spoke with a lawyer, and I moved heaven, sea and earth so that things will remain in my name, I did illegal things and I do not regret it. The love I felt was also in those messages from my husband with his lover.

MY husband woke up on the fourth day, they took him home because he still needed rest. I continued taking care of him, I made him his meals, bathed him, shaved him, all normal like a good wife, until he asked me, do you hear my love and my cell phone?

It was when I said, Do you want to inform Karla that you are okay? And he almost had a heart attack, he said: Do you know? I said: Of course I know!

-Forgive me, I did not know what I was doing, this accident made me reflect, what I want is to end that relationship because I am staying with you.

-And who told you that I want to stay with you?

Make no mistake, the fact that it helps you recover is an act of humanity, just that, but I have already started the divorce proceedings, and I’ll take everything.

My husband asked me again and again for forgiveness. I said talk to Karla and tell her that in fifteen days you will be fine for her to pick up you and your clothes. It is the only thing you are going to take.

And he left my house, until that time he did not claim any of the goods, we had 2 more houses, and I kept them. Those are from my children, that if the lover really loves you, I said, build your own heritage.