In life there are love relationships that are not made to last

In life there are love relationships that are not made to last

There are those who love each other intensely, but fate only wanted to cross them for a moment on the road, and then each one takes different paths.

Romance does not always triumph, sometimes you fall so intensely in love with someone without imagining that destiny has other plans for you and that sooner or later your path will end up separating, because unfortunately in life there are love relationships that are only temporary, that they are not made to last no matter how many promises have been made.

They know each other, they think they are soul mates, they understand each other perfectly, everything is going smoothly and they even visualize a future together, but suddenly life teaches them that there are love relationships that are not made to last and that it is time that each one goes ahead letting go of the hand and remaining as a simple memory of something beautiful, only fleeting.

No matter how hard you try to make that relationship work, because that chemistry between the two lasts, because the passion does not end, all your efforts will be worthless when the end of their story is already marked in their letters, it was nice while it lasted, but they have to say goodbye, wish the best for each one and move forward without looking back, because theirs can no longer be.

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In life there are love relationships that are not made to last. Photo: Pexels.

Sometimes fate plays very heavy jokes on you and makes you experience situations that break you in order for you to hit rock bottom, pick up your pieces, only those that serve you and you can renew yourself to move forward, this happens even in love, in the romance sometimes you have many disappointments that leave you without the courage to open the door to cupid again.

And it is that you meet someone, destiny is in charge of crossing you into that person’s life, they look into each other’s eyes and there is a beautiful connection, everything is going great, you have illusions, you create a whole story by their side, you You visualize growing old together with that being, they have incredible moments, they overcome bad moments, they laugh out loud for those adventures and in everything they connect wonderfully.

Without a doubt you think that he is your better half, that person with whom you always dreamed and finally you have him by your side, everything seems to paint for the better, but suddenly something comes along that breaks with that happiness, differences appear that have no solution, problems that they no longer try to fix, the desire to fight for their love is lost in one of the two.

That’s when you understand that there are love relationships that are not made to last, perhaps not due to lack of affection, but due to selfishness, immaturity on the part of one of the two or both, or simply due to lack of commitment, for lack of desire to move forward hand in hand, because there is discouragement and everything has remained in simple promises that the wind has taken.

When these details begin to appear in the relationship, it is when you realize that love is not enough, that loving the person next to you too much is not enough to stay together, that is when it is better to free yourself, leave , letting go, without grudges and without hatred, wishing each other the best and happy for what they lived, learned and grew up together.

As painful as it may be, when everything has been tried and nothing is the same again, then it is better to say goodbye even if love is present, since if they decide to stay neither of them will be happy in that relationship, they will end to end even the few beautiful memories they built, that’s why you have to know how to leave on time.