Messages From Your Guardian Angel For This Christmas Eve

Messages From Your Guardian Angel For This Christmas Eve

Discover the special message that your guardian angel has for you this Christmas Eve and how to connect with him this day

The guardian angels have a message of love for you , life is made up of emotions and feelings, the path you travel on this earthly plane is the opportunity to touch matter, to feel the embrace of those we love. Today is a special day because this message is to comfort everyone’s soul, mind and heart.

Each sign has its guardian angel, this is in charge of guiding the life of each person, the divine energy expands in all its splendor, it gives itself to guide the steps of the people it cares for and always has a message of love for them.

Tonight is special, it’s CHRISTMAS NIGHT , discover what it has for you and yours, how to better connect with that wonderful being in your life. A beautiful light is the one that these beings give off because it is a special day. The arrival of the baby Jesus lifts the hearts of many people in the world.

Message from your guardian angel, Photo: Pixabay

Archangel Samael of ARIES

Your angel asks you to take a moment to reflect on what these days mean to you and ask yourself what faith is for you, because sometimes you only get carried away by trivial things, detracting from what is really important.

Angel Hamabiel from TAURUS

Tonight, be grateful for the happiness of having bread and salt on your table, be grateful that yours are well, light an incense before dinner to harmonize the atmosphere at the table, and light a red and a gold candle in the center of the table to be the flame that connects with the guardian angels.

Angel Ambriel from GEMINI

Night of reflection, before starting the preparations for this great dinner, train your mind to dedicate a prayer of love for you, thank you for having a body, hands, eyes and above all a wisdom to lead your life and yours. Your guardian angel listens to you.

Angel Muriel from CANCER

There is something in you that wants to recover that magic of love that you lived intensely in your childhood, you just have to close your eyes and arrive at that exact moment when your smile was the most important thing. Light a golden candle for abundance to come into your life.

Archangel Michael from LEO

A miracle is about to happen to you, things happen because of something, your guardian angel will be there to take care of you a lot tonight, and you will be able to see that divine energy in all its splendor, to connect more with your interior you need to put on some classical music and an incense smell of sandalwood.

Archangel Rafel of VIRGO

Keep in mind that when your body falls ill and negative thoughts appear, you have to fight against many of these negative manifestations, take the opportunity to eat well and be cautious with drinking.

Archangel Samael of LIBRA

Do not try to find an explanation for everything that happens to you, sometimes they are divine signs, just accept them is like a great opportunity to straighten your life. There are many things that you have to reflect, especially in your character that is sometimes too strong.

Angel Azrael from SCORPIO

Light a candle or a yellow candle to illuminate your home, your guardian angel takes care of you, protects you from many dangers, thanks with a prayer tonight, dinner is important to start all over again.

Angel Zadquiel from SAGITTARIUS

The great news comes to your life, in your relationship everything flows and there will be changes for the better, it is possible that the family will grow, a baby will illuminate your entire home. Remember that happiness is at times, today will be a great moment.

Angel Cassiel from CAPRICORN

Have faith and hope tonight, focus on decreeing productive things in your life, growing as a person, abundance and health that you need so much. A family member needs your light, take the opportunity to give him a big hug.

Angel Uriel of AQUARIUS

Keep in mind that sometimes things do not go the way you want, learn to have more patience in your life, regain that faith that you have lost in yourself and in humanity. In your house there will be prosperity this 2020.

Angel Azariel from PISCES

Emotions will be on the surface, today you celebrate Christmas without the presence of someone you love, hug your parents and conquer the world in good spirits, great rewards await you in your life, things will change for the better and there will be a very special trip , always with your guardian angel looking after you.

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