Reconcile with love and stop pretending you don’t need it

Reconcile with love and stop pretending you don't need it

Love disappointments take away the desire to trust cupid again, but you will not always suffer the same fate, reconcile yourself with romance

You fall in love, you give the best of yourself, you strive for the relationship to go ahead, but still nothing you do is valued, they cheat on you, they use you, they pay you in the worst way, that makes you stop trusting cupid and in that better half that many talk about, but you will not always run with the same fate, reconcile with love and give it another chance, stop pretending that you don’t need it.

Live your stage of mourning at the end of that relationship and heal your heart, cry, scream, go to therapy if you wish, fix yourself and then reconcile with love, do not think that everyone is the same and that it will happen again For the same reason, every time you trust someone, stop pretending that you don’t need a sincere, beautiful affection that makes you dream.

If you believed in love and were disappointed, you will surely end up angry with everything related to romance , you think that beautiful and stable relationships are not for you and you create a barrier between you and Cupid, saying that you will never trust again. in anyone, that you will never let go of your singleness, that you do not want to know anything that has to do with the cheesy, with giving someone a space in your heart.

Reconcile with love and stop pretending you don’t need it. Photo: Pexels.

When you really fall in love and you think you have found your soulmate, you give all the best of yourself and you don’t think about when and how all this will end, you only live for the moment and if you look to the future, you imagine a whole life next to you. of that person, but the surprise and disappointment comes when your great love breaks your heart with infidelity, with a mistake or with something that breaks you into a thousand pieces.

That is when you are so disappointed in love, because you do not understand how someone to whom you are giving everything and you give 100 percent to make him happy, is capable of deceiving you, of playing with you, you are left with those doubts, with those questions and with that great pain in the chest and you begin to create a barrier between your heart and cupid, because if you don’t want something, it’s to go through the same thing again.

You begin to be cold, to speak ill of love, to become intolerant of everything that has to do with romance, you think that everything is going perfectly with your single life and you speak of cupid as if it were the worst thing in life, you reject any proposal to dating someone, you think everyone is going to pay you the same as your ex, you don’t give yourself the opportunity to meet someone else.

You program yourself long before the most catastrophic scenario, you think that if you give someone else the opportunity, you will end up with a broken heart and returning to that sadness to which you are no longer willing to return, but you must reconcile with cupid, take as a lesson that disappointment you went through, mature in romance issues, correct those mistakes you noticed and improve.

Give love another chance, you don’t have to run with the same luck as in the past because you’ve already learned your lesson, you know how to identify someone who will hurt you, who is just playing with you, you’ll know how to set limits and you’ll know what it is what you want, you will set your rules and speak clearly from the beginning saying what you are looking for, what you want and what you expect.

Don’t be afraid of love, give it another chance to show you that when it comes to sincere affection it feels good and different, there doesn’t have to be betrayal and disloyalty, because when love is real it doesn’t hurt, so let Cupid get close to you. you again, give yourself that opportunity to meet someone who really adores you and teaches you what it really is to love each other.