Signs That Will Be Affected By The January Full Moon

Signs That Will Be Affected By The January Full Moon

The first solar eclipse of the year will give you the necessary changes for your personal evolution

The year that is beginning will be full of natural phenomena, in fact experts in studying the stars mention that in the first week it will be the first. The new moon on January 5 will give everyone a lot of positive karmic energy, however there are some signs of the zodiac that will be affected by the full moon in January.

The partial solar eclipse and the new moon in Capricorn will influence too much with new beginnings in areas of your public life and the effects can become visible for up to six months. It should be noted that the sign of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so public life, career and reputation are too important. This is one of the things that shows that some zodiac signs will be affected by the January full moon.

ARIES. People born under this sign are distinguished by being too competitive and wanting to be number one in everything, so this 2019 they will be in search of new opportunities in the professional field. The new moon in January is going to support you so that you can reach that goal.

Tarot. com predicted that the powerful cosmic energy of the partial eclipse of the sun and the new moon will be one of their main allies so that they can reach this opportunity that is being presented to them professionally.

GEMINI. Multifaceted and quite sociable, for people born under this sign the new moon of January 2019 will present the perfect opportunity for you to identify why you are settling for less in all your relationships. In case you are not feeling a genuine connection with someone, the new moon will help you, lighting your way to love and light.

All your fears will be dispelled, you will be able to say goodbye to all those people from the past who were only preventing you from giving love a second chance.

They will achieve all their goals. Photo: Pexels
They will achieve all their goals. Photo: Pexels

VIRGO. People born under this sign are characterized by being quite perfectionists, they love to have control so much that they had been playing it safe, however it is time for them to get out of their comfort zone and the new moon is going to show them. They must actively pursue what they truly want. The new moon in January is going to support you in a big way.

SAGITTARIUS. The most independent and adventurous of the zodiac, they have always been the flower in their relationships, now the time has come for them to become gardeners and instead of trusting others to take care of their needs, they are the ones who take the upper hand.

The new moon in January will show them that they must take responsibility for their feelings and life. Take your own course.

PISCES. The most fanciful of the zodiac, they spent all of 2018 in their own private cocoon, however 2019 represents the perfect opportunity to become a beautiful butterfly and fly to all the places where you have wanted to go.