Signs You’re Not Ready To Get Married

Signs You're Not Ready To Get Married

As marriage is a serious commitment and with great changes, if you are not ready to marry, do not do it and even less if you have doubts.

Marriage is an act that is taken seriously and responsibly, it is in the dream of many but, despite that, you must know the signs that you are not ready to get married.

Knowing if you are not ready to get married is important since many times one is carried away by the emotion of the moment and perhaps it is one who wishes it while the other party does not and in the long run it has consequences.

There is no set time or age that indicates when it is time to get married.

If you are not ready to get married then don’t, this can lead to a failed marriage. Photo: Pixabay

Even so, it is good to follow some advice, recommendations or detect the signs that take your marriage on the right track.

The courtship, although many do not see it that way, is a preparation for marriage, it is the moment in which they recognize each other and that is where they should open their hearts, be sincere and point out that they like and do not like their relationship and partner.

There are men who surprise their wife with the engagement ring and sometimes it is such a shock that they say yes even if they don’t feel ready.

Or to marry in her dream and each rapo lets his partner know who he accepts even though he does not feel happy and full, something that no one who is about to join in marriage should feel.

You’re not ready to get married

If you already think of divorce as an option if things do not work, it is because your concept of marriage is definitely wrong or you really do not want to do it, you know that getting married is an economic but more sentimental expense and those are difficult to manipulate.

You like your partner a lot, but you think about the things that you will change in him or her when you live together, be it physical matter, their way of dressing or some hobby that in the time of relationship never changes, you really want to marry what you dream not of what it really is.

You know that when you marry your partner you will live well, your family seems wonderful to you and you even think that your children will be beautiful but, you see in him or her a good companion more is not the person who fills your heart, it is only a good match that letting go is not easy.

If you have important secrets that you have not revealed, if there are problems that are not solved and you think that things will change, do not be so sure, it is another stage therefore things are looked at from another angle and although there is love, not everything is forgiven so simple.

There is no emotion and each time you feel weirder or weirder it is a sign that perhaps it is not time yet, they begin to fight over small details, perhaps they need a break and put the cards on the table about the doubts they have.

Socially, they point out that long courtships bring short marriages, but according to specialists, at least one year is the established time to decide to marry , spend falling in love and then see if living together is what they really want.

And something important must have talked about issues such as children, religion, economy , family and similar details that make them different, seek harmony in them so that everything goes as planned.

Do not get married if there is not one hundred percent in the communication, do not do it out of revenge, guilt, resentment or obligation, this is destined to fail, if they have touched each topic on the list forward, marriage is beautiful, it generates great changes but living as a couple it is very pleasant.