Spell To Attract Sincere Love

Spell To Attract Sincere Love

If you want that sincere love to appear in your life, this spell will help cleanse you of bad energies and preserve those that attract that type of love.

This spell has to do with the clean depth of the energies that have slowed down the faithful encounter of a sincere love , often the envies or even jobs that were once done to you.

Discover what this spell consists of, which is one of the most performed by men and women who want to achieve sincere love and for life.

Sincere love does exist, only that sometimes the energies of love are blocked. you need some materials, take note!

Spell to attract sincere love. Photo: Pixabay
Spell to attract sincere love. Photo: Pixabay


7 candles (3 white 4 red)

A white rose

A red rose

A photo (of the loved one)


This spell is performed for seven days and for each day you use a candle. Start it on a Friday night at the time you consider appropriate.

You light a candle, let it rest for 3 minutes, then you place the white rose in a cross with the red one, the photo (put the name of that person you love) is placed in the center of the cross of roses.

And around the flower cross put a circle of sugar. Later you say the following prayer to him.

"May this light cleanse my path to achieve sincere love in my life, for the seven times, seven times I will say my prayer to have true love."

Every day you will have to do this ritual until you reach the seventh day.

Remember to do this spell with great faith.