Tania Rincón in daring jumpsuit, dethrones Galilea Montijo

Tania Rincón in daring jumpsuit, dethrones Galilea Montijo

Second day hosting "Hoy" for Tania Rincón and she has already shown that she can look much better, in a tight jumpsuit she dethroned Galilea Montijo

Tania Rincón demonstrates her driving experience now at the head of Televisa’s morning show "Hoy" and also shows off in outfits that leave her followers open-mouthed, such as this Tuesday’s jumpsuit that showed off her long legs and a great body and that he dethroned Galilea Montijo .

Galilea Montijo chose for this Tuesday a fitted dress with balloon sleeves, in a floral print and red platforms, but she did not attract so much attention from her new partner Tania Rincón who will be at least all this week sharing a painting with Guadalajara.

And it is that there have been several messages from viewers who have said that the changes to the program of entertainment they bring freshness and make the broadcast more enjoyable, Tania Rincón knows it and that is why the new face of Televisa ‘s morning show enjoys this new opportunity and shares this joy with Galilea Montijo.

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Both show professionalism and apparently there is no envy that they can feel, although there may not be the same chemistry in the box as with Andrea Legarreta, the drivers have a good attitude and Galilea Montijo supports her partner with her new responsibility.

Tania Rincón will be in "Hoy" for a few days, how many were not specified, but the entertainment journalist Alex Kaffie said that it will only be this week that Andrea Legarreta spends a vacation in Miami, apparently to celebrate her wedding anniversary with Erik Rubin .

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While Galilea Montijo welcomes the former host of "Venga la Alegría", another driver will join the ranks of "Hoy" this is Michelle Rubalcava , who will reinforce the entertainment section and will be in the production of Andrea Rodríguez without salary.

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According to Alex Kaffie himself, the former host of "First hand", a program on the Cadena Tres channel, he will only remain in "Hoy" if he manages to get along with Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta , in addition to the acceptance he has with the public, Apparently so far there is no date for Rubalcava to join.