Tatiana laughs at her facial paralysis and leaves her love messages

Tatiana laughs at her facial paralysis and leaves her love messages

The Queen of Children suffered from facial paralysis and says the show must continue that this is the life of an artist

Tatiana Palacios Chapa , known artistically as Tatiana or as La Reina de los Niños, suffered from facial paralysis and decided to laugh at what was happening, shared it on her social networks and assured that this is the life of artists.

In a message on her official Instagram account Tatiana said what happened to her: The show must continue, It gave me facial paralysis but it will soon go away, thank you for your love and as my song says “Smile, smile”, Even if it’s from the side .

Immediately the children’s singer began to receive messages of support from her followers, of admiration and many more who wish her a speedy recovery.

Tatiana laughs at her facial paralysis. Photo: instagram

"It happened to me !! The therapy is to inflate balloons, you make bubbles with a straw !! Massages, make faces !! Aunke you don’t want recommendations !! No way !! Hahahaha"

"Friend, everything will be perfect, a big hug"

"You look beautiful anyway! It will pass soon! I love you !!!!"

"The best thing you are doing is friend and it is not stopping! Congratulations for being upright and calm under any circumstance. Tqm get well soon."

"I love you and admire you so much. Forever the queen. Go ahead and you will recover very quickly because you are a woman who can do everything. Rafaella and I send you a video with a lot of love and cheers. We love you."

"That’s just what I’m thinking dear friend !!! And I’m in a dilemma !! The show must go on ???? No !!! Your health comes first mommy !! All of us who love you can wait for you to recover !! FIRST YOU !! Or am I wrong ??? I LOVE YOU! I HUG YOU AND I ASK FOR YOUR PERFECT HEALTH! Queen of children ".

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Since I was a child, I knew that my vocation was to be a #Singer. It does not matter if I am in a theater, in a stadium, in an arena, in a palenque … what I love the most is feeling the energy of the people and being able to transmit positive messages through my music and my voice. Thank you for allowing me to continue to be a part of your life, I love you. #Tatiana #Concert #FiestaTour #No Parking #Music #Singing

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Let us remember that Tatiana since 1995 sought to leave a musical legacy to her children and decided to enter the children’s genre and she achieved it thanks to her work and perseverance, until now she continues to work for children.

What she never imagined is that she would be recognized internationally and two years after starting her childhood side, she got a contract with the Walt Disney company.