The Best Exercise For Weight Loss According To Recent Study

The Best Exercise For Weight Loss According To Recent Study

Dare to leave your comfort zone and defeat a sedentary lifestyle, it is time to put excuses aside and start being more active; It is for aesthetics, it is for health.

Let’s start by saying that while your self-esteem can make you feel comfortable with who you are, that does not replace the fact that aesthetically and for health you need to do something about it. Without trying to make up things, when you are not at your ideal weight, it is a warning sign that something abnormal is happening. So today we want to show you what is the best exercise for weight loss, according to recent studies.

The cause of overweight and obesity is closely related to our bad eating habits, a person who does not hydrate well, who consumes many foods with high caloric value and with a lack of physical activity, is very prone to gaining weight. The environment, the lack of support in the health sector, education, marketing, among other factors, contribute enormously to these serious health conditions increasing.

As we have already mentioned before, waiting for the government to change things in our favor will be an eternal wait, so the ideal is that we take action on our own; reading, informing ourselves, exercising, changing habits, it all depends on us.

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Enough! and no, we are not playing tag; It’s serious, if you want to lose weight, enough of making excuses, they will not serve you at all, you have to exercise, you have to move, even if it weighs, even if it hurts, you have to do it, period. So run run heart because he who does not run stagnates, but that’s not all, there is still more.

Running is movement, and movement is the opposite of sedentary lifestyle, so when running you will be activating 70% of the muscles, this effect will help you reduce fat and fight overweight; and it is much more effective than swimming, dancing or yoga; however, they are excellent ways to supplement your routines.

Next month you will regret not training today. Photo: Pixabay

Although running brings excellent results, this aerobic exercise must be combined with a high load resistance exercise to enhance its effects. Strength training is excellent for increasing metabolism and best of all, you can do it both at home and in a gym, it is a matter of preference. Here are some examples:

If you are at home:

. Burpees
. Push ups or push ups
. Squats or Squats
. Slides
. Plates

If you are in the gym:

. Dead weight
. Barbell bench press
. Squats
. Military press
. Dominated

Do not forget to do half an hour of warm-up and stretching exercises at the end of your routine, stay well hydrated and always have a personalized diet plan with you, do everything together if you really want to see good results.