The constant company of your dog makes you live longer

The constant company of your dog makes you live longer

Research reveals that spending time with our dog can make us live longer

Dogs are man’s best friends. They have been with us since prehistoric times , and their company is never lacking when we feel sad or discouraged. Few things can make us happier the day after a stressful day than coming home to find our furry friend welcoming us with great joy and enthusiasm.

Now we can have more reasons to continue having these affectionate animals that we can come to feel like one more member of our family. And it is that an investigation affirms that having the constant company of your dog can make you live longer .

This is a research published in the journal Circulation of the AHA (American Heart Association, for its acronym in English). To reach their conclusion, the scientists analyzed the results of 10 other investigations that had been carried out for related purposes.

The constant company of your dog makes you live longer. Photo: Pexels

According to the study, having a dog as a pet to enjoy their company every day can reduce the risk of death of their owners by up to 24 percent , compared to people who prefer not to have pets.

The information that was analyzed to reach this conclusion collected data from almost 4 million people studied. The data also showed that having a dog as a pet in the home is especially beneficial for those with coronary and heart disease , since these people had a 31 percent lower probability of death than those with the same health conditions.

These health effects are mainly due to the fact that the company of dogs greatly reduces anxiety and feelings of loneliness , at the same time that it generates greater self-esteem and promotes a better mood.

The company of your dog reduces feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Photo: Pexels

The benefits are also due to the fact that having dogs also reports improvements in the physical habits that we have, since this demands that the owners take them out for a walk, causing them to increase the intensity of their daily physical activity . It also makes them spend more time outdoors, leading to better respiratory health.

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