The Danger Your Children Run When Sleeping With Their Cell Phones

The Danger Your Children Run When Sleeping With Their Cell Phones

One of the biggest fears of users who use a mobile phone is that it will explode when it gets too hot.

The cell phone sometimes heats up when it is charging and other times when you are talking on the phone, the great question of many users is: Can my cell phone explode if it gets too hot? .

Sometimes people find it easy to answer or manipulate a cell phone when it is connected to electricity, this can put them at risk. When the cell phone heats up more than normal, it can explode.

There have been cases of people who have been burned because they leave the cell phone under the pillow or inside the bedroom and the cell phones have exploded, it is recommended to be more careful with them.

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Cell phones overheat from using them all day or too long, they are watching videos all day or listening to music and that is working at full speed all day, which is a processor and this generates excessive heat.

There have been countless accidents with cell phones, experts advise you that if you have the habit of sleeping with your cell phone next to you, stop doing it, it could cost you your life. Learn to consult only the most important and let your device rest.

There are studies such as the National Institutes of Health, cell phones emit non-ionizing radiation from their antennas, which can cause certain types of cancer when absorbed by the body.

Do not leave your cell phone under the pillow, the excess heat can heat it up and it can explode at any moment.

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