The Lamborghini Maneuver That Became Viral Video

The Lamborghini Maneuver That Became Viral Video

A video circulates on social networks that has attracted attention, it is a Lamborghini that performs a special maneuver to escape the police

In social networks a video circulates that has become viral, it is about a Lamborghini that in order to escape from the police performs a spectacular maneuver, users cannot believe what the driver managed to do and is now famous.

The video looks like an exit scene from the movie "Fast and Furious" , whoever sees it is impressed, real life is beyond fiction, as in this case the Lamborghini dodges the police with this maneuver.

It is a video of Tik Tok that became a trend because the maneuver that the driver of the Lamborghini performed was so spectacular, users say that it is amazing, precise, risky and in the end it was like an invisible Lamborghini.

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The patrol sped past and did not notice the maneuver so cool that it resembles the ones Toreto does in "Fast and Furious". In a Relationship he shares the video with you so that you can understand how extraordinary the maneuver is.

This video has caused countless reactions, the video has gone viral in various countries, it has left everyone impressed, it is a sports car, elegant and fast from what can be seen in the video.

It should be noted that the video does not last more than a minute, in reality it lasts a few seconds, enough to captivate everyone and leave them with their mouths open. The car manages to park perfectly, braked and parked immediately.

Without error, everything was perfect, the movements were exact.