The Tender Photo Of Jennifer Lopez’s Newborn Children

The Tender Photo Of Jennifer Lopez's Newborn Children

Emme and Max are the twins, children of Jennifer López, they recently turned 13, but the singer rarely shares photos of newborns, it is the most tender photo that her followers admire when they see their babies so young

Few times Jennifer López opens her heart and shows part of her personal life, today we will show you not the singer, but the mother, that woman who when she sees her newborn children melts with love, that there is nothing better to happen special moments with their twins.

Emme and Max are twins, children of the love that occurred between Jennifer López and Marc Anthony, now they are 13 years old, but when they were just born, Jennifer was very happy, with the arrival of her children she understood the great meaning of life, love infinity that is created when you give life to two such beautiful beings.

Through her Instagram account, Jennifer López shares a tender and beautiful photograph of her newborn twins, she with a scarf on her head, some white bracelets and a look of total dedication to her twins.

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It is an iconic photograph where the purest feeling is shown, where you can see the infinite love that only exists between a mother and her children. Jennifer López shows that motherly side, out of the lights, out of the reporters, and off the stage.

She in all her magic as a mother, as that woman who gives herself forever to the care of her children. It is seen that the little ones are sleeping in their crib, while she watches them with frank tenderness.

That photo is an entrance to her most beautiful intimacy, Jennifer shines with so much magic when she watches her children peacefully asleep. It should be noted that now the twins are 13 years old, Jennifer is very proud of them.

As she says, Emme and Max no matter how many years they meet, they will always be their babies and it is not for less now that they have all become teenagers.

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This year, Jennifer surprised them in their beds, brought them breakfast and hugged them, also handed them a card with some cute happy birthday words. Both Jennifer and Marc Anthony have a very good relationship, after their divorce, they remained as friends and have managed to bring their children’s education with love and patience.