Top Causes Why Girls Are So Angry

Top Causes Why Girls Are So Angry

Much is said about the personality of women, that if they are very annoying, stressful or even crazy, but today we are going to find out if this is entirely their fault or what is happening

Normally women are always accused of driving men out of their minds, and men do not like living in such a toxic environment, they are very practical, that is, they like things without so many complications, that is why one of their main requirements to keep toxics away from life; So in today’s article we will discover the main causes why women are very annoying.

Although women already know that men do not want a complicated woman, they take it a bit as a joke, implying that regardless of the girl you want to have by your side, they are all absolutely unhinged, so you waste your time trying to find her. someone sane and centered; something that without a doubt they must recognize and change, but since they do not want to, everything gets complicated; That is why we want to talk to you about the causes why women get very annoying in the relationship, and what could be done about it.

To understand women a little, it should be noted that they become toxic or even unbearable when they want to express a feeling of disgust or complaint, but men do not accept these reactions well, so they almost always end up in verbal confrontations that they do with what the relationship is gradually wearing thin.

They need your attention: From the outset, women already bring that nagging mother chip, so when they are around a boy, they transform as if they were kindergarten teachers, and boy do they take the role very seriously, but they must be able to distinguish between a child and his partner, (regardless of whether he has a childish behavior) And as women always require a lot of attention, when they feel ignored they become the teacher who scolds and lectures; in other words, you have to listen to them rather than evade them and comply with their requests.

All women have a little bit of dementia. Photo: Pixabay

Bad communication: Communication is always the basis of everything, but when there is no way to establish a verbal connection with the other, there is no understanding, and if there is no understanding there is no way to reach an agreement, that is why it is necessary that both of you chat continuously in an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony so that things are easier and thus the desired results are favored.

Express needs: As women have the idea that they should not tell you things because: "You must already know what is happening to me" they are faithful believers that men need to guess what is happening and the needs that are emerging, That’s why when you don’t understand them, they scold you and scold you and scold you and scold you …

They want to monopolize everything: When a woman feels lonely despite having her partner, she wants to cover all the spaces to show that she is interested in doing things well, and incidentally so that her husband sees that everything becomes very heavy for her alone, and in that sense they are right so they should be more empathetic with them.

As you can see, a woman goes crazy basically because men are failing in the way of mating with their partner, although it should be noted that they also act like that because they like it, but why give them more reasons to get their mom / nagging teacher, that is, if we are already adults, let’s act like one.

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