When Yuri Was A Married Man’s Lover: It’s Very Difficult

When Yuri Was A Married Man's Lover: It's Very Difficult

Today she has a marriage of almost 15 years but at the time Yui was a lover of a man for four very difficult years

At 56 years old, the Mexican singer Yuri has established herself as a great artist, but behind that married woman and mother of her family is someone who points out that she was a lover of a man but a very difficult relationship to maintain.

Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco has been married since 1995 to the Chilean Rodrigo Espinoza who could not have children but adopted a beautiful girl named Camila who changed their lives and more so by becoming a mother, a great dream.

‘One more lie’ is a song that Yuri premiered last year with Natalia Jiménez, the lyrics are something that the singer identifies with who admitted she was a lover for four years, and indeed one lie leads you to the other.

When Yuri was the lover of a married man: It is very difficult. Photo: Instagram

In her time Yuri was perhaps reeling from success, her money, fame and more, leading her to have some men, go out to parties and be in a world very different from what it is today, after this she got into Christianity.

I had the opportunity to have a relationship like that, not as a wife, but as the other side, therefore I did not have a good time, it is very difficult to be the lover, it is very difficult to be the other ". Yuri said in an interview with Mónica Noguera.

This song is a hook to tell a woman to value herself, to love herself, to love herself because she has value. There are many circumstances that lead a woman or man to commit an infidelity but in most cases this does not end well.

"A four-year relationship and there was a moment where you fell that 20, because love blinds you. Above all you say: ‘I’ve been with you for so long, you can’t make up your mind, you’re with your wife, you’re with me, I don’t like to share my man with nobody ‘"said the singer.

It is very difficult to be a lover, says the woman from Veracruz who for years has sung of love, heartbreak, freedom and more, it is after everything that has happened in her life a woman of respect who in the professional continues in taste of the public.

She had a lover and it was a thing of the past, now with her marriage for almost 15 years it shows that anything is possible, there are ups and downs within each marriage but you always have to have a common purpose and a lot of communication for things to flow.

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