Wonderful Experiences That You Will Only Live If You Are Single

Wonderful Experiences That You Will Only Live If You Are Single

Happiness is not found in another person, but in yourself, that is why you must know the beautiful experiences that only singleness will give you

Throughout our lives we are told that we should be in a relationship and that we will only be happy if we find our " better half " and in the search for that special person we lose our valuable time alone, we refuse to live pleasant experiences and so worst of all, we enter into relationships that are not good for us, just because we have been told that only with someone will we be happy .

While it is true that there is nothing more beautiful than being in love, being reciprocated and sharing life with a person, we should not get frustrated or suffer if the opposite happens. Instead we should think about all the wonderful experiences that you will only live if you find yourself single.

Times have changed and in the case of women, those who were previously called "spinsters" are now making it clear that they are independent girls, that they have the reins of their lives and are not willing to follow the norms imposed by society to marry , have children and "serve" her husband.

Wonderful experiences that you will only live if you are single. Photo: Unsplash

They are aware that just as they can be happy being with a person, they will also be single, since there are many wonderful experiences that they will live being WITHOUT A PARTNER.

You will use your time in whatever you want: You are the owner of all your time. You do not have to give accounts to anyone or agree on the activities they are going to carry out. You can do whatever you want, whether it’s going to the movies, going out with friends, to an event or just staying at home, lying on a sofa watching movies or series.

Nobody rules your life: You only accept advice that you feel is good for you. Now you are the owner of your life, it is more not even your parents pressure you to have a partner. Being single you feel freedom and independence and you realize that no one should meddle in your affairs. You also take responsibility for your mistakes, but you know that it is part of.

You have more weapons to find your ideal partner: You have already gone through bad experiences in love, you have realized the mistakes you make when you are with someone; You have identified those things that you are not willing to tolerate from the other person and you have more criteria to decide what you expect from love.

That life experience will make sure that when you have a relationship you know how to act and no longer make the same mistakes.

You do not depend on anyone and no one depends on you: You have the freedom to do what you please with no more responsibility than seeking your well-being. There are no people involved. So you can take risks, for example going to study abroad, accepting a job that even if it is not well paid you like and it will provide you with a lot of professional experience, even taking a year off. You have a world of possibilities at your feet.

Having a partner is not your priority: you have realized that your happiness does not depend on or is not found in another person, only in you. You no longer despair or anguish for being alone, you know that only you are responsible for your life and the wonderful things that happen in it.