Zodiac Signs That Can’t Keep Secrets

Zodiac Signs That Can't Keep Secrets

Some zodiac signs are incapable of keeping secrets, pay special attention to who you tell your intimacies

These zodiac signs are identifiable by their own personality, in addition to being curious, experts in wanting to know a lot about other people’s personal problems, but when they are entrusted with secrets, without being unable to remain silent.

The signs that DO NOT know how to keep secrets are Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo, Sagittarius and Scorpio. Each of them identify themselves as great conversationalists and have a facility for people to approach them and tell them their secrets.

Find out what these signs are like. And take your precautions, remember that each of these signs shows a generalized side, so you must be aware that astrology works both general and particular.

Secrets are not told, until something extraordinary happens. Photo: Pixabay
Secrets are not told, until something extraordinary happens. Photo: Pixabay


Those born under the sign of Pisces are so bold that when someone tells them they have a secret, they do not leave their side, until they are told, within the astrological world, Pisces are experts in creating fantasy stories, even they use to get what they want. When someone tells them a secret, they usually keep it for a while, but when they go wrong with that person, they do not hesitate to shout it from the rooftops, it is not that it is an act of betrayal, but if they do it when they feel threatened. Pisces are noble and intelligent, so if you tell them a secret, treat it well or else your secret will come out.


Capricorns are always laughing at everything, and they always see their world full of joy and they are people with potential positive energies, which makes people look for them and generate wonderful friendships, but it has a detail, when they tell you His secrets, it is not that he says them deliberately, but the vast majority are so clueless that they get the secret in a talk full of jokes or in a coffee. They tend to laugh so much that when they release the secret no one notices it or takes it as a joke. They love to be aware of everything, but they forget the facts so quickly that they ask the same thing every time.


Virgos are very analytical, they observe a lot the attitudes and behaviors of people so when they detect that someone has secrets, they put together a whole strategy to find out about them, they are capable of not sleeping to find a way to tell them the secret . And guess what? They do it, they are bold. But if they realize that this secret can solve an important case, they will not keep it forever, on the contrary, they analyze the exact moment to say it and are honest, when expressing it, they notify the person who told them the secret and they see that it is the right thing to do. Everyone happy!


Woe to anyone who hides a secret from a Sagittarius because an investigation immediately begins, they are quiet, but when it comes to knowing what, how, where and when. They love gossip, they are quiet but they like to get into what they are not called. They are excellent for helping someone who is in trouble. The secrets that he gets to know are not measured in telling them if he sees the need, especially if those of the secret want to be clever with him.